“Danger in Bass Clef” Excerpt 3…

     I headed out to fire up my sweet golden beast. I keep my vintage 1969 GTO in good condition, ensuring a reliable history of starts, minus the rare off day when it just wasn’t ready to wake up on the first turn of the key. It takes care of me, I take care of it. I settled into the smooth leather driver’s seat and turned the key, anticipating its familiar rumble.      Click. Click. Click.
     “Well that’s new.”
     Click. Click. Click.
     Turning the key usually makes me smile as the engine bursts to life, but the familiar guttural growl was absent. The disconcerting sound of hollow clicks was confounding. I was about to try again, when from the corner of my eye I saw movement. I turned to look to my right. A taunting figure stood at the passenger window, limp cables swinging from his fist. I opened my door and got out to face my tormentor.
     “Car trouble?” said the man, whose mousy high-pitched twang, ripped from a Saturday morning kid’s cartoon, was mismatched with his ogre-like  body.
     Any other morning, I would have fed those cables to him through his nose. You don’t crawl under another man’s hood without his express consent. But I was willing to make an exception since his unexpected visit was most likely connected with my Cass situation. It looked like I might get some answers without having to call in a favor from Vlad after all.

“Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat. http://johnnyscotchjustice


“Danger in Bass Clef” Excerpt 2

     A gust of wind washed past me. Skaters decked out in colorful helmets, customized padding, and Goth-inspired makeup enhancing the latest derby/gladiator gear flashed by in a blur of colors and spirited shouts. Their warpaint-highlighted faces focused on the treacherous curves of the course, cutting a path through the air with their intense glares. During the warm-ups, only one team was allowed on the rink at a time, helping to ensure no one took advantage of the pre-bout chaos to drop a body or two from the opposing squad.
     Around they went, gliding through their choreographed formations. Cold eyes burned underneath the caked-on stage makeup, peering out from beneath their helmets’ brims. “Warriors. Come out and play-yay,” echoed through my head as images of the larger-than-life street gangs from the pulpy 1979 sleeper were conjured on the rink.
     The “Valkyrie Rollers” careened past in a range of shapes and sizes. Air wafted across the spectators as they passed. Whiplash was induced with their laps as the onlookers craned their necks to read the suggestive nicknames stenciled on the backs of their jerseys. I chuckled as Road Rash, BareLeigh Legal, and Kara Picante blurred past.

“Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat.

“Danger in Bass Clef” excerpt 1

I was settling in to the bar when she pushed through the curtain. The room was captivated by the flash of her eyes, the purse of her lips, and the sway of her hair as she brought her gaze to mine. Few things are hard to forget when it comes to a smooth figure like hers. She kicked on a light smile as she headed my way. The bar seemed quiet enough to hear the click from her four-inch heels as she made her way across the room. I saw Styles tighten as he realized what was happening. You could almost hear his thought, “Anyone but her, Johnny.” No worries, Styles, I’m just here for the booze.

“Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat. http://johnnyscotchjustice

Write, promote, repeat…

Good productive morning today. Got promo stuff out for both “Tales From the Braided Pony” and “Danger in Bass Clef”. Wrote the first draft of a new entertainment blog I will be doing on a weekly basis for another company. And got about another thousand words and some research in for my next book.

Now to get back to writing, then promoting, then do that some more. 🙂


“Danger in Bass Clef” coming soon…

Had John Dover not been detained by Jackie Chan’s body guards while trying to hand him a copy of Johnny Scotch, Danger in Bass Clef, Jackie would have described the action scenes as “inhuman feats of insanity that defy the laws of physics and nature.” Danger in Bass Clef, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat. http://johnnyscotchjustice


Willamette Writers Conference…

I spent the weekend volunteering, pitching, and networking at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland. What a wonderful event. This community of writers is so talented and full of energy that I barely noticed the exhaustion that was ever present as the hours of putting out fires, helping attendees, and meet-and-greeting my ass off added up.

Last year I attended the conference as a presenter, showing off the Johnny Scotch comic book and talking to attendees about the benefits of presenting their stories in a graphic novel format. This year I got the opportunity to work along side my good friend and author, Kate Ristau at the registration desk. Although I missed getting to push my wares, I found a real benefit engaging with the attendees, agents, and writers and helping them to have the most successful event they could have.

The other new thing from last year, was that I put my writing in front of a few agents in the pitch room. The short answer for how pitching went, was that it went great. The idea behind the pitch room is that publishing houses, movie production companies, and literary agencies send representatives to hear pitches on various writing projects in the hopes of discovering content and talent that would otherwise be relegated to the slush pile just because they are not already known. What a great idea. So much fresh and untapped talent goes unseen every day that even in a ten minute meeting the writers get necessary feedback on what to do to get their project further along and in front of the right people and the agents get the chance to find new projects.

Two production houses/agents were very complimentary of the Johnny Scotch brand and wanted more information for future consideration, and one literary agent asked for the first 25 pages of my new project as soon as it is ready to be seen. I am so glad I took the time to dive into this very nerve racking pool of energy. I got some ideas on how to streamline my idea, lock down the genre of this crazy new book that is in the works and some future live action possibility for Johnny Scotch.

Outside the kinetic energized pitch area of the pitch zone, the rest of the conference was much more subdued. Wonderful educational tracks, an amazing line up of celebrity guests, which I totally geeked out over getting to meet Christopher Moore, and some great opportunities outside the conference to network and meet other professionals and network.

Overall, the weekend was a successful event for me and I have some new focus on my next writing project and many new contacts to follow up on for future collaboration opportunities.

For now, I will continue to push the upcoming launch of “Danger in Bass Clef”, which goes live on August 17th and I am so excited for this to hit the ground. The early feedback is good. Now to just get my energy engaged in sending this book out to the broadest audience I can.

Thursdays promo

Raymond Chandler himself (not really), once spoke of John Dover’s, Johnny Scotch, Danger in Bass Clef, was a direct influence on his creation of the hard boiled detective genre. Wait, when did he die? “Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat. http://johnnyscotchjustice


Pre-orders are live and ARC readers are getting their electronic books today.

Very excited because today I send off PDF’s of the book to my ARC readers. This is the first group of people, outside of my inner circle, that will be seeing “Danger in Bass Clef” in its final version. If all goes according to plan, books are still scheduled to go live on August 17th, in time for the launch party.

No for todays promo:

Instead of taking the time and effort to file that restraining order, Dean Koontz could have just read Johnny Scotch, Danger in Bass Clef and written a blurb extolling his appreciation for my pulpy, jazz-noir novella. “Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat. http://johnnyscotchjustice

Whats next?

Really pleased with how the promotion went with the “Tales From the Braided Pony” release this last weekend. We got some great reviews and a nice start to the sale of that crazy horror western anthology.

Although I am not done promoting “Tales”, I do need to now focus my efforts on the upcoming release of my debut novella, “Danger in Bass Clef”. So be prepared for a slew of blog posts with the latest trailer and all the quippy one liners I can come up with to help grab some attention for this book. I am very excited to share it with you all.

Today’s promotional offering:

Had Stephen King read Johnny Scotch, Danger in Bass Clef, I am sure he would have said it was a thrill ride for the ages. Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat. http://johnnyscotchjustice

Tales From the Braided Pony is for sale now…

The dilation of pupils, quickness of breath, and sweat beading across your brow can mean only one thing. You’re not reading “Tales From the Braided Pony” yet! “Tales From the Braided Pony” – Pick up your copy of the latest horror anthology installment from the twisted minds at Alucard Press. Available NOW at amazon.com.
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