“Danger in Bass Clef” Excerpt 2

     A gust of wind washed past me. Skaters decked out in colorful helmets, customized padding, and Goth-inspired makeup enhancing the latest derby/gladiator gear flashed by in a blur of colors and spirited shouts. Their warpaint-highlighted faces focused on the treacherous curves of the course, cutting a path through the air with their intense glares. During the warm-ups, only one team was allowed on the rink at a time, helping to ensure no one took advantage of the pre-bout chaos to drop a body or two from the opposing squad.
     Around they went, gliding through their choreographed formations. Cold eyes burned underneath the caked-on stage makeup, peering out from beneath their helmets’ brims. “Warriors. Come out and play-yay,” echoed through my head as images of the larger-than-life street gangs from the pulpy 1979 sleeper were conjured on the rink.
     The “Valkyrie Rollers” careened past in a range of shapes and sizes. Air wafted across the spectators as they passed. Whiplash was induced with their laps as the onlookers craned their necks to read the suggestive nicknames stenciled on the backs of their jerseys. I chuckled as Road Rash, BareLeigh Legal, and Kara Picante blurred past.

“Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat.


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