“Danger in Bass Clef” excerpt 1

I was settling in to the bar when she pushed through the curtain. The room was captivated by the flash of her eyes, the purse of her lips, and the sway of her hair as she brought her gaze to mine. Few things are hard to forget when it comes to a smooth figure like hers. She kicked on a light smile as she headed my way. The bar seemed quiet enough to hear the click from her four-inch heels as she made her way across the room. I saw Styles tighten as he realized what was happening. You could almost hear his thought, “Anyone but her, Johnny.” No worries, Styles, I’m just here for the booze.

“Danger in Bass Clef”, Due out August 17th on amazon.com and at select stores. Johnny Scotch is…justice served neat. http://johnnyscotchjustice


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