Trailers experiment…

When I heard that “Tales From the Braided Pony” was going to be put together based on the world I created with my first horror short story, I was blown away. The next thing I thought about was a piece of music. I heard this retro spaghetti western theme with a crunchy distorted guitar underneath it. Sometimes the muse comes to you out of nowhere and there is nothing you can do but put it out there. So I wrote it down and offered to record it and put together a book trailer for C.S Anderson and the crew over at Alucard Press LLC.

It has done very nicely getting out there and helping to build the buzz with this book. Over 300 views in just around two weeks and going strong. Now to see how that translates to sales. 🙂

On the flip side, I have put together four trailers for “Danger in Bass Clef”, my debut novella that lands on August 13th. To put it lightly, the three that have been released have not received the same numbers so far. Oh well. I can chalk some of that up to the fact that this is a debut novel and I still don’t have the following or buzz generating that even a small publishing house has, but I will still keep this going.

The hope is that with the last two weeks of promo I will generate some solid buzz with the last trailer as well as the “Quotes” campaign that I will be launching during that time.

In the meantime, here is the link to the latest trailer for “Danger in Bass Clef”. I hope you will take a minute out of your day and check it out. Click it, like it, and share it. 🙂


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