Edits are in. What is next?

I am very lucky to have a team of people that I can call on who have a much stronger skill set when it comes to grammar than I do. That being said, I have my technical edits in house and about 95% incorporated. That sound you hear is the splash of a single malt hitting a glass in celebration of this huge hurdle.

So what’s next. Well now I need to get bustling forward with the final tweaks to the look and feel of the book, the implementation of my marketing plan, and get the artwork for the cover done.

the cover art is being provided by Dan Schaefer, the artist for the Johnny Scotch comic book series, so the aesthetic is right on point. We have worked out the concept(s) and now he is plugging away at the final construction as we speak.

Marketing will probably begin in the next couple of weeks on a more formalized basis in the form of a press release, call for ARC readers, and the release of a teaser trailer to help build buzz for this book.

Final tweaks are just about polishing out the final elements to a fine sheen.

Whew! What a week. Can’t wait to see what next week brings.



Edits are rolling in

The first round of my final edits for “Danger in Bass Clef” have hit my desk. That means that the next few days will be filled with incorporating the suggestions and technical edits from my final round of editors.

I both love and loath the editing process. I loath it because it highlights my shortcomings from a grammar and technical writing aspect. I love ti because it means I am one step closer to the final product. This book has been quite a while in the making for me and I look forward to its release just as much, if not more, than any of my past projects.

In other news, the trailer for “Tales from the Braided Pony” will be released within the next week. I have gotten the ok from most everyone involved in the project and just need to make a couple of tweaks before unleashing it on the public. This trailer was fun to do because it is my first writings that were produced for another publishing entity (Alucard Press LLC.) and I got to compose and perform the music that provides the mood for the whole thing.

Back to the editing station for me.


One step closer to release date…

Starting to get edits in this week for the book. That means I am in the final days before letting the cat out of the bag of the official release date for “Danger in Bass Clef”. Once the edits are in the final stage is getting the artwork in from Dan Schaefer for the cover. Very excited for this. 🙂

In other news, the teaser trailer for “Tales from the Braided Pony” is almost done. This was such an interesting project to work on. It started as an experiment to see what writing horror would be like and blossomed into two stories bookending a very interesting Western Horror anthology. I can’t wait to see the final product from Alucard Press LLC, who is publishing the book. The trailer will be released in the next couple of days so stay tuned.

Thanks for checking in and keep your eyes open for even more updates on these and more projects that are in the works.


Teaser time…

Today’s activities are focused on putting together the teaser trailer for “Tales from the Braided Pony”. This exciting horror anthology is being published by Alucard Press LLC. and is based around a world I helped to create with two short stories of my own. This project is everything that I love about spaghetti Westerns and crazy, scary, gory horror stories.

This collection of stories is due out later this summer and I volunteered to produce a teaser with a piece of music I composed and recorded with my good friend, Mike Doolin.

Be on the look out for this teaser with details about the content and writers that are included inside it’s covers.

Back to work with me!


New cover art coming soon

Hello Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. It was hot here and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and stepped away from my computer a bit but am back at work today.

This week I am hoping to get my first peeks at the new cover art for “Danger in Bass Clef”. Dan Schaefer, the artist for the Johnny Scotch comics, has been hard at work putting together the artwork and I am getting very excited for what he has been coming up with.

Once that is closer there will be a teaser that I will be releasing to help prime the pump for this exciting, pulpy, jazz-noir adventure. That means I will be calling on a lot of my friends to help get the word out by passing along links and promotional posts. I hope everyone is ready to help get this thing launched. I have not been this eager about a project in a while.

For now, my readers will have be happy with picking up the digital release of “Ella: A Johnny Scotch Short Story”. If you have picked it up, please remember to go and post your reviews on Amazon.

Stay cool out there everyone!


Writing and waiting…

I am very eager to share the official release date for “Danger in Bass Clef”. The delay? I have it out with a couple of readers right now to get some final edits done to make sure it is the best book I can put out. That means that while I wait, I write. 🙂

Writing this week has been focused primarily on a new book treatment that I have been putting together. This new one is going to be a bit like “The Never Ending Story” meets “Romancing the Stone”. I have been having lots of fun with this one and am looking forward to diving into the full narrative process once I have tied up the synopsis.

This is part of my three books in one year plan and has nothing to do with my Johnny Scotch world. Don’t worry though, cause the third book I have planned for the year is going to be my second Johnny Scotch narrative.

So things to look forward to in the near future will be the release of “Danger in Bass Clef”, My new romance adventure book that is in the development stage, and my second Johnny Scotch book in the second quarter of 2018.

Oh yeah, I also have tow stories that will be bookending a Western Horror anthology that is being published by Alucard Press, due out this summer. So keep your eyes out for “Tales from the Braided Pony” as well.

Thanks for reading.


What you should expect from “Danger in Bass Clef”.

“Danger in Bass Clef” is coming. There is no doubt about it. The official release date will be leaked very soon, I promise. 🙂

So what is this book anyway? This is the first stand alone novella in the Johnny Scotch world. I have worked to bring my Johnny Scotch character to life in all his pulpy jazz-noir glory with this exciting adventure.  I deliver on all the action, romance, music, and scotch that my readers have come to enjoy in my comic book series, but in pros form, allowing for a closer look at what goes on in our hero’s head.

Until this is release later this summer, please take time to get acquainted with the Johnny Scotch stories that are already out there for you to dive into. you can read “Ella: A Johnny Scotch Short Story” by downloading it on Amazon today. You can also find my Johnny Scotch comics at many Comic Book stores throughout the country and you can order them directly from me at http://johnnyscotchjustice.com.

I am so excited to share this first book with you guys. Stay tuned for updates.


New story flow

I love when a new story flows out. Sometimes it takes quite a while for something to take shape, but once and a while something just rolls and that is such a lovely feeling. With my new goal set in front of me, I am aiming to release a minimum of two, but possibly three books over the next year, starting in July. Here is why:

When I started the Johnny Scotch stories, it was an experiment to see if I could write and build a multi tiered world that included a visual format (comics), a musical format (The Johnny Scotch Vignettes), and a pros format. The first two have come together very nicely and the third is almost ready for release. I call that a successful experiment. My next phase of this experiment is to focus for the next year on writing to build, cultivate and leverage a reading audience for a more long term writing endeavor/career. This is already begun through my small group of Johnny Scotch fans, who I will continue to deliver content to through another two comics (at least) and no less than two books including “Danger in Bass Clef”.

I hope you will join me for this adventure and follow my progress as I push into this next level of the creative process.



First Short Story is published and available on Amazon.

A couple years ago I posted an early version of Ella on this blog. In anticipation for my upcoming novella, “Danger in Bass Clef” I did a rewrite on this story and have published it on Amazon. you can find it at the following link.

Ella: A Johnny Scotch Short Story

This short story gives a great introduction into the flavor of the Johnny Scotch world. As with any project, I am always looking for feedback, with this one, it is important that if you do take it for a spin on Amazon, go back after reading it and take a second to review it. Reviews help guide other readers to me as well as driving my stats on Amazon. 🙂

Thanks for engaging.


Live, learn, write, repeat…

When it comes to writing, I will be the first to admit that I am still a novice. But what I know about creativity and the creative process, is that no matter how long you have done something you are always learning and always finding ways to hone the skills you have. In that sense, no matter how long you have been going at any given profession or craft, you can always be considered a novice.

As a musician for the past 30 years (give or take), I am still amazed, frustrated, and excited to learn that there is always more for me to work on. I try to infuse that into my trumpet students every week, much to their chagrin. But, with my music and now with my writing, I have learned that it is not about a destination, it is always about the journey.

When I started this project a few years ago with my first scribblings about Johnny Scotch, I had no intention of finding such a wealth of joy in the writing process. It was supposed to be a bit of a gimmick, an offshoot of my musical personal that I could market and capitalize on then move on to the next musical idea. To an extent, that has been true. I have been able to grab on to the Johnny Scotch persona and bring him into my musical world and vice versa. the bonus for me as a creator has been the support for my writing in general as well as the satisfaction of bringing other projects out into the light.

This year will mark the third Johnny Scotch comic book (due out this September), the launch of my first Johnny Scotch novella, “Danger in Bass Clef” (Due out later this summer), and the release of two of my short stories in an horror anthology, “Tales from the Braided Pony”. I am so excited for each and every one of these and there is more in the hopper for development that includes two more Johnny Scotch books, at least one more Johnny Scotch comic, and a couple of romance adventure stories that are percolating now.

I am fired up for the future and hope you will join me for this crazy roller coaster and see where it leads.